Weekly Update and Delivery Information

I am happy to share with you our “Sweet Sixteen” this week.  They are as follows:

 Efeste Feral Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley, Washington 2011 

 Breggo Pinot Gris Mendocino, CA 2011 

 Tablas Creek Vermentino Paso Robles, CA 2012  

 Breggo Gewurztraminer Mendocino, CA 2010

 Darioush Viognier Napa Valley, CA 2012  

 Costa De Oro Chardonnay Santa Barbara, CA 2011  

 Stepping Stone Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, OR 2011  

 Iron Horse Estate Pinot Noir Green Valley, Russian River, CA2008  

 La Rochelle Pinot Meunier Four Sister’s Vineyard, Sonoma Coast, CA 2010

 Horse & Plow Grenache Testa Vineyard, Mendocino, CA 2011 

 Clendenen Family Nebbiolo Santa Maria, CA  2004

 Amapola Creek Zinfandel Monte Rosso Vineyard, Sonoma Valley, CA 2010

 Clos La Chance Reserve Merlot San Martin, Central Coast CA 2010 

 Lewis, Alec’s Blend Syrah Napa Valley, CA 2009 

 Detert Cabernet Franc Oakville, Napa Valley, CA 2008

 Tribute by Benziger Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Mountain, CA 2008

We still have room in our first wine lesson on November 20 at 6:30 pm.  This lesson will predominantly focus on grape varietals both red and white.  

I am very excited to introduce a our new in the city delivery service to you.  It is called We Deliver.  They will pick up a package from The Wine Huntress and deliver it anywhere in the city for a nominal delivery fee.  We have been sending quite a few baskets for our members as gifts to their special clients, friends or family.  I think it is a perfect way to send a hostess gift for the holidays or a business thank you for a special client. I posted some gift basket ideas below for you to review with some suggested prices and options.

We also set up our UPS account to deliver wine to every state in the US.  If you plan to travel and would like to have wine sent ahead for you, we are ready to assist you with your orders.  This way, you will feel at home wherever you travel with your personal wine choices. 

Just so you know, we have received some new gift items in the shop as well.  Please come by and see us this week if you get a chance.