French lighting

Vive La France

I am so excited to welcome you The Wine Huntress’ version of France.  I spent over a week with many helpers and  I redesigned the shop to feel  like a a little hideaway in the south of France.  We sell over 75 French wines that are exclusive to The Wine Huntress.  Most of the wines we will be tasting over the next several months, again won’t be sold retail anywhere in Chicago and very few you will even find on a wine list here.  The wines are all listed by the region of their origin.

I changed the shop quite a bit.  I will be selling French beers, as well as French imported cheeses.  I have fresh bread coming in daily from La Briola too.  We still have great summer gift ideas and jewelry.  Our emphasis now will be on picnic baskets and many little notions that can be used for summer entertaining.  I just know you will love it.

I created a little indoor cafe in the front window for two guests who want to feel they are outside.  You can see everyone, but they can’t see you.  It is just fabulous people watching!!!

Even though we are in France, I still carried forward some of your Domestic favorites.  I also brought an extra tasting machine so you can now choose between 20 wines to taste.