The Huntress Label

As a restaurant owner, one develops a true love for food and wine.  I’ve had the pleasure of exploring wine from all over the world and tasting first hand how well it pairs with food.  While journeying, I discovered a true passion for wine’s finest partners; olive oil, balsamic vinegars and decadent chocolates.  Actually, I searched and searched and even came up with my own private label for each. 

We have extra virgin olive oils from Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco; twelve different infusions of extra virgin olive oils, and fourteen different red and white infused balsamics. When you come and visit the shop, be sure to try them.  They’re available for tasting.

As for our truffle chocolates…they were chosen only after I paired each with several varietals of wine to come up with the ultimate combination of delicious.  We offer a 12 ounce box, 6 ounce and a 3 ounce.