The Wine Wall

The Wine Huntress concept is one of a kind.  When I decided to do a wine concept, I wanted it to be everything every other concept was not. First off, when you walk into most wine shops, the wine inventory is everywhere.  There is no temperature, light, or humidity control over the product sitting out. As a wine enthusiast and sommelier, my expertise ignites me to change and upgrade that experience. Hence, I created a unique wall that displays only one bottle of each wine available in my inventory at a time…The Wine Wall.  

All remaining wine inventory will be stored in a temperature controlled, French Climadiff, state-of-the-art system.  This means that every bottle of wine sold will be protected from over exposure of temperature, light and humidity.  And, as a Wine Huntress customer, you leave with wine as it’s meant to be discovered, at its finest level of taste and quality.

The next distinction of The Wine Huntress is, quantity.  Wines from all over the world are available in your traditional wine shops, but usually only bits and pieces of certain regions, AVA (American Viticultural Area), AOC (France), DOC (Spain and Italy), etc, etc.  I really want to feature a country in its entirety.  So, The Wine Wall is a rolling inventory. 

The first country we will showcase is the USA.  I will have 110 wines available by state, AVA and sub AVA for you to taste for four months.  (See Wine Tasting Station.)  Then we will move on to France.  We will feature France and many AOC’s of France for the next four months.  Then move onto to Italy, and Spain and so on, and so on…until we return back to the USA, probably about a year and half later.  

Now, just because we move to a different country doesn’t mean the prior country’s wines won’t be available.  They will be in our cellar waiting for you.

I also recently decided that the concept will be member based only.  It allows me to focus on each and one of your needs.  It will allow me to understand your vinotype. So, in order to receive the benefits, you must be a member.  Please go to “Join The Hunt”.