Wine Etceteras

You can’t have a wine experience without all of the goodies.  And I personally hand picked this product line.  It’s everything you need as it relates to wine or the experience of wine. We have a full line of wine accessories, along with wine buckets, coasters, cheese trays and cutting boards. From unique gift ideas for your next dinner party invite, to a stunning line of crystal by Reidel, Spegeleiu and Luigi Bormioli, The Wine Huntress has it all wrapped and ready to go.

Also, my husband John, has produced a line of furnishings for the shop of pieces made of reclaimed wood from wine related products.  I have a beautiful table which he produced from a champagne riddling rack.  It can be used a dining or bar table because it adjusts up and down.  It is a MUST see.   He has also restored old vintage wine presses into works of art for the collector in each of us.

UPDATE: In the transition from American wine over to French wines, I have changed the shop quite a bit.  I will be selling French beers, as well as French imported cheeses.  I have fresh bread coming in daily from La Briola too.  We still have great summer gift ideas and jewelry.  Our emphasis now will be on picnic baskets and many little notions that can be used for summer entertaining.  I just know you will love it.

There truly is a perfect something little or big  for everyone.  Please come and take a peek when you have a moment to stop by.